Shipping terms and conditions

Shipping costs:
Please find more detailed information in the mentioned tables below.

Shipping with DPD (Express):
Receiving the payment till 9 o´clock the ordered goods will be shipped at the same day.
Please note: The shipment can be delayed by a few days, if sun- or holidays or our business holidays appear between your order and the delivery.

Day of dispatch:
DPD (Express) The goods will always be shipped from Monday to Wednesday.

Compliance with the cold chain and minimum order quantity

The minimum order quantity (for frozen food) is 5 kg.
We guarantee an unbroken cold chain, if the order quantity of the respective good optimally matches with our packaging units. The more the cartons are filled the easier it is to realise the desired cooling. For cartons up to 12 kg the cold chain is ensured at an order quantity from 5 kg, for cartons up to 26 kg at an order quantity from 21 kg.

Disposal of secondary packaging
We´re not taking back the covering boxes, so we kindly ask our customers to dispose them by themselves. 

Shipping costs

total weight
  Delivery time:
1 – 4 working days
to 26 kg £12,00
to 52 kg £24,00
to 78 kg £36,00
to 104 kg £48,00
to 130 kg £60,00
to 156 kg £72,00
to 182 kg £84,00
to 208 kg £96,00
to 234 kg £108,00
to 260 kg £120,00
to 286 kg £132,00
to 312 kg £144,00
to 338 kg £156,00
to 364 kg £168,00
to 390 kg £180,00
to 416 kg £192,00
to 442 kg £204,00
to 468 kg £216,00

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